Stringed Instrument Repairs – Musical Instrument Repairs.

Instrument Repairs!  Musical Instrument Repairs! Stringed Instrument Repairs ! Great instrument repairs! REFRETS DONE RIGHT!! Fast turnover! Dependable!  Service Bond available for instruments valued more than 10,000 dollars! Normal insurance, otherwise!

We offer worldwide shipping, to us and back, for instruments to be repaired.  We repair mainly guitars, but also Banjo repairs, Mandolin repairs, Bass repairs, Violin repairs, Viola repairs, Cello repairs, AMP repairs (shipping inside TEXAS is best) and many others.  Please call us for more information.  We will create a service bond for instruments valued at more than 10,000 dollars upon request.  We will send shipping labels to you so that all you need do is pack and have it picked up.

We have posted some pictures of our work on this site.  Please see our list of sample repair rates to give you an idea of what to expect.  All prices include shipping both ways if you let us arrange the shipping. uses a variety of experts in guitar and instrument maintenance and repair


Call 281 787 7733 for more information.

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