About Us

Fast Great Service!!!   We got tired of repair technicians always being stacked up with months of waiting time — if they were any good at all.  We concentrate on GREAT Service, FAST turnarounds, FABULOUS workmanship.  Among the folks who can be called on to make that happen we have several centuries of experience,   By concentrating our efforts on what we do best, like our deal to have Michael Tuttle of BEST FRETS do what he does best and to have us finish and send out the completed refret, we ,are the best work possible at great rates and in timely fashion.  If you want your refret done by Michael Tuttle, especially during times when he’s especially busy, there’s a significant upcharge,   We have other technicians to do refrets who aren’t Michael Tuttle of Best Frets.  Those standard prices are on our repair rates page. We will attempt to make more arrangements to get the best in the world to be our partners, with us contributing what we do best and will announce any notable additions to our roster, This is not to say that our regular technicians aren’t great, just that they may not be as famous for being the best at a particular process or repair.  By letting folks do what they do best, we hope to set a new standard in fast, efficient, friendly, affordable, world-class repairs.   Please call to find out more, especially if you want to take advantage of the availability of service bonds for guitars or instruments worth more than 10,000 dollars,.